Every dog should have basic obedience. Simply stated, obedience training is teaching a dog good manners and to be a good “citizen”. It is an integral part of responsible dog ownership. All of the exercises taught have practical value in everyday life; they are not just tricks. Almost anyone who is willing to spend about fifteen minutes a day everyday with his dog, attend the weekly classes and observe the three P’s of obedience training (Patience, Practice, Persistence) can train a dog.

Obedience training doesn’t solve all behavioral problems but it is the foundation on which to work. Training your dog to be a good neighbor, a good family member and a best friend is the best thing besides love that you can provide for your dog. It opens up a line of communication between you and your canine friend that will enrich, and last throughout, the relationship . It will establish the social hierarchy between you and your pet as well as make him more confident.

Our classes provide the training necessary to earn obedience titles such as Companion Dog (CD), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), Utility Dog (UD) and Utility Dog Excellent (UDX). In addition to traditional obedience training we sometimes offer “specialty” classes as interest arises. Specialty classes include those such as “Attention Games”, “Tricks Workshop” and “Polishing” classes (to prepare for competition).

Our instructors are members dedicated to the obedience training of dogs. They donate their time and are qualified with obedience titles on their own dogs. They are required to attend obedience seminars in order to gain new and different training skills.

Puppy Classes

Puppy Kindergarden
$50.00, 4 weeks
For dogs up to 6 months old (puppies must have had their first two rounds of puppy shots AND be at least three months old). The course is designed to answer questions you may have regarding such topics as grooming, housebreaking, problem behaviors, etc. We teach socialization of the puppy with people and dogs, and introduce some of the basic obedience principles such as walking the dog on a leash, sit, lay down and come when called. No special equipment is needed; you may use your own collar and leash.
S.T.A.R. Puppy Class
$70.00, 6 weeks
An enhanced puppy class for dog up to 12 months old. The syllabus is set by the American Kennel Club, who offers a completion certificate at the end of class. More information about the program can be found on the AKC website.

Basic Obedience Class Series

Good Dog!” Class
$50.00, 4 weeks
For dogs over six months old.
This class is designed to teach your dog the basic skills needed to be a good housedog. We’ll teach you how to train your dog to meet fundamental expectations around the house. Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • basic training principles
  • greeting visitors
  • door protocols
  • walking on leash
  • crate training
  • handling the dog for veterinary and grooming visits
  • car training
  • place training (also known as “Go to your bed!”)
Beginner I Class
$100.00*, 6 weeks, includes training collar and 6-foot leash.
For dogs over 6 months old.

This class covers the basics of obedience training for the home and for the competition ring. It teaches the foundation for all obedience training: Heel on leash with pace changes and turns; automatic sits; stays for sit, down and stand; and come when called, and leave it.

The dog will be fitted for the correct size training collar at the beginning of the first class, and you will receive a 6′ leash.

Beginner II Class
$50, 6 weeks including graduation
For dogs who have successfully completed Beginner I class or the old (10-week) Beginner class.
In Beginner II class, you will polish the skills learned thus far, using more advanced techniques for training basic obedience. The goal of Beginner II is to prepare you for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test. At the completion of Beginner II, you will have the opportunity to take the Canine Good Citizen test (and earn an AKC title!)

Advanced Classes

All advanced classes require successful completion of the Basic Obedience Series or instructor approval. Advanced classes are offered a few times a year, based on instructor availability.

Classes offered may incude:

  • Tricks Class
    Teach your dog fun tricks like spin, roll over, shake, etc.
  • Kids Class
    Working with children on training the family pet
  • Attention
    Techniques on how to keep your dog focused on you during training and (possibly) competition.
  • Introduction to Obedience Competition Seminar
    Offered every spring. Learn what to expect (and what’s expected of you) for an AKC obedience trial, including how to register.
  • Beginner Novice Class
    For the dog and handler working toward the AKC’s Beginner Novice title.
  • Novice Class
    This course is designed to “polish” the dog and owner to compete in American Kennel Club licensed obedience trials. The dog and handler will learn to master the lessons learned in the Beginner class with a goal of ultimately being able to perform such exercises on and off lead. The AKC rules and proper ring procedure are also a part of this course.
  • Rally Classes (Novice, Advanced and Excellent)
    $50.00, four weeks
    These classes also are offered less frequently, and are taught for the purpose of preparing the dog and handler to compete in the American Kennel Club’s Rally events. There are four one-hour classes in each of the three title categories and the cost is $50.00 for each (Novice, Advanced and Excellent).
  • Advanced Obedience Classes (Open, Utility)
    These classes are offered less frequently, as need arises. Again these classes are taught for the purpose of preparing the dog and handler to compete in the American Kennel Club licensed trials. Exercises include teaching the dog to retrieve and jump, pick up articles scented by their owners, directional retrieves and jumps and working with hand signals only.
  • Conformation
    Refining your dog training skills to apply to the conformation ring.


  • Military: Receive 10% off all classes with a valid military ID
  • Rescue: Receive 50% off any ONE class if your dog is a rescue with adoption papers from one of our local rescue organizations
  • Repeat a Class: Receive 50% off any class repeated within three months
  • Family: Receive 10% off if multiple handlers from the same family enroll in the same class
  • Active Club Members: Receive 50% off all classes

To Register for Classes:

Check our Class Schedule to see what classes are available.

Orientation seminar is held the first Monday of each month, except December, at 7:00 p.m., regardless if it is a holiday or not. You MUST attend the orientation to enroll for any class. While you can pre-register here, we cannot enroll you online or over the telephone. You MUST attend OrientationPlease be prepared to have your dog’s shot record and payment in hand at that time.  We do not want to take up valuable class time at the first class! Due to the training area size, we must limit the class size, therefore no “drop ins” will not be assured of a spot in class.  Most classes are held in the evening, but the exact time and day are determined by the instructor who will be teaching the class.

You will be expected to pay for class at orientation. We do not accept credit cards, but either cash or check are welcome. Please make checks payable to Red River Obedience Training Club, Inc. or RROTC, Inc.

  • Do bring your dog’s shot records with you. Vaccinations should be current. Dog over 6 months old must have completed standard vaccinations including rabies, and puppies should have at least the first two rounds of puppy shots.
  • Do bring proof of adoption, if you adopted your dog from a parish or county animal shelter, in order to receive the Beginners class at half price.
  • Do not bring your dog to the orientation. This time is designated for filling out the application for class enrollment, providing you with information regarding the club’s rules, and what is to be expected for your class. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

All classes are held at our training facility at 108 Battle St.

*Class fees subject to change as equipment prices vary. Current prices effective January 1, 2013