Our mutual goal is to make your dog a better companion for you and your family. We do not train your dog — We do teach you how to train your dog. You are expected to spend 10 to 15 minutes twice a day practicing what you are shown during class.

Neither your instructor nor any member of this Club is paid for their work (we are a non-profit organization) and we ask you to please give us your full cooperation. Please feel free to ask any training related question of your instructor.

Everyone is required to attend Orientation without dogs, which is held on the first Monday of every month (except December) at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room of our facility. Full payment is due at orientation. For dogs adopted from a taxpayer supported shelter or 501C(3) rescue group, class is ½ price. Proof of adoption must be shown at the time of payment. There are no refunds. In the event extra equipment is required, there will be an extra charge. Collar fittings are made at the first class. There will be a $30.00* service fee for returned checks.

Parking is available on the east side, the front and the back of the facility. Please do not park in spaces marked for the handicapped unless you have the proper handicap license/tag.

We recommend comfortable clothes and low heel shoes with soft soles (tennis shoes) for training. Shoes without backs (flip flops, sandals) are not recommended.

We spray often for fleas but with so many dogs using the facility, we recommend you use some sort of flea control for your dog before you come to class. Topical flea controls such as Frontline© work well and are available from either your veterinarian or retail stores that sell pet supplies. In case a class is held outdoors in nice weather, we recommend the use of a mosquito repellent during those times when mosquitoes are a problem.

Classes start on time and last approximately one hour. Please try to be on time but, if you are late, try not to create a disruption as you join the class in progress. Dogs that are ill are not to be brought to the Club for any reason. Females in season (heat) may not come to class. In these cases, we recommend that you come without your dog and observe the class in order to teach your dog the exercises at home. If you know you will miss a class, ask your instructor what to work on for that week. There are no individual make up classes. In case of storm warnings or unsafe highways, classes will be postponed. We must have a phone number where you can be reached so that you can be notified when a class has been postponed due to bad weather. Your instructor will tell you the make up date.

Families are welcome to participate in the Puppy Class. For the Beginner Class we recommend that only one person train the dog until the dog has learned the exercise. We do not recommend that a child under the age of 12 train a dog. Children are welcome to observe you training your dog; however, they must have an additional adult with them for supervision. Children are not allowed to visit other dogs. They are not allowed to run around or throw toys or balls. This is for the safety of your child.

Do not feed your dog before working him or coming to class. Bring a bowl and water for your dog. We have bowls and water available, but your own are preferred for your dog’s health.

Exercise your dog for elimination (bathroom) purposes before class and during breaks. You are expected to clean up after your dog both inside the facility and on the grassy areas outside. If your dog has an accident in the building, you are expected to clean it up. The Club provides paper towels, plastic bags and spray bottles containing a solution that prevents other dogs from marking the spot to aid you in cleaning up. We will not clean up the mess for you.

Keep your dog close to you at all times. Do not allow your dog to approach or play with any other dog. There may be more than one class at various levels of training being conducted simultaneously. Be aware of other dogs’ proximity to your own as well. We reserve the right to have you muzzle your dog or to expel a dog from class if the dog is uncontrollable.

When entering the Club, always close the door behind you. Sometimes advanced classes are being held in which the dogs are being trained without a leash. This is the only barrier from our Club to the street should a dog get loose.

It is the policy of this Club that any damages or disturbances caused by a child or dog, financial or otherwise, are the sole responsibility of the Parent/Guardian of the child and/or the owner of the dog.

*Prices are subject to change as our costs increase.