Train Your Troubles Away!

We train you to train your dog. Our instructors will teach you how to teach your dog basic obedience, as well as how to define and rectify troublesome behavior.
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From puppy classes to advanced competition training, we have a class for you and your dog!Learn More
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Get involved! Become a member and get 50% off all classes.Learn More
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We host two back-to-back AKC trials every June, with Novice, Open, Utility, and Rally!Learn More

Benefits of Training Classes

  • A more obedient, well-behaved dog overall
  • A dog with good manners at home and out in public
  • A more knowledgeable, comfortable dog owner
  • A stronger bond between dog and owner

What Dog Owners Say

Great place to learn how to train your dog!
Henry M Bernstein, Facebook
This is a great training club! Very friendly and helpful members!
Rita Coon, Facebook
Great place to train you, so you and your dog can live happily and peacefully together.
Peggy Shofner, Facebook
Obedient dogs have happy owners.
Laura Lyons McLemore, Facebook

Come visit us at our great new location in historic Downtown Shreveport!

RROTC Building